A Comprehensive Outline of Online Live Dragon Tiger Games

Online Live Dragon Tiger Games

Along with a detailed description of playing the live Dragon Tiger game, this page mentions the RTP rates of different bets and some effective strategies that players should consider while gambling.  

Do you believe that dragons and tigers can battle it out ever? A dragon and a tiger, when they stand next to each other, a world packed with gambling fun gets evoked. Dragon Tiger is a gambling game as entertaining as it’s high-paying. A few specialists say that the Dragon Tiger originated from Cambodia, reflecting the Buddhist philosophy of power and its balance.

Although this game is quite popular among Asian and Malaysian people, some players often leave it and go for obvious choices like baccarat, poker, and other games. But, the gamblers who have attained its taste know how difficult not playing it is.   

So, let’s know about this game a little bit.

Dragon Tiger Rules

For playing Dragon Tiger in the best online live casino Malaysia, you would have to place a bet either on the dragon or the tiger, speculating who will have the higher value card between them. You can also bet on ties. Aces are valued at minimum, and Ks are maximum. The game utilizes a standard deck of cards and deals one card to each player. If a game is a tie with the dragon and the tiger receiving similar value cards, you will get half of your initial bet amount.

You can also bet on whether the player will have an odd or even card and if it would be from a red or black suit. However, you need to know that the odds are lesser for more complicated bets. Hence, it solely depends on what you decide.

Effective Dragon Tiger Strategies

Before beginning with the strategies, you should know that the RTP rates in Dragon Tiger depend on the betting type you choose. Upon selecting to go with the dragon or tiger, the return to player ratio would be 96.25%, much higher than Ties. For Ties, you will have 82.17% RTP.

Dragon Tiger is quite simplistic as a casino gambling option. Hence, you might think that there’s no need to gamble on it strategically. However, it’s wrong. Shunning the tie bets is a beginner-level strategy, especially the suited tie. It’s because you will be unable to avoid the strike of the ruthless house edge on doing so.

Besides, if the chosen Dragon Tiger title lets you wager on side bets. You better not put stakes on High and Low bets. Other than it, you can try your luck on Red or Black, which contains a 1:1 ratio.

Learn the card counting strategy. In this strategy, pay intense attention to the deck of cards and discern which cards have already been dealt. Look for high-value cards and pairs of 7 cards. You will go quite near winning when the maximum number of 7 cards has already been dealt. 

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