Things to know before you move into the Blackjack game

Online games are one of the craziest activities for youngsters. These days online casinos are very popular among people. This is the electronic version of traditional play card games. This game is very easy to understand and play. In this article, we will learn how to play this game.

Ultimate goal

The ultimate goal of this game is to have the two or more than two cards whose sum is nearest to 21 but not more than 21. If the sum of your first two cards is 21, you will be called as blackjack and receive 1.5 times of your waging amount.

Values of cards

The value of each face value card is equal to the value mentioned on them. For example, the value of 5 is equal to five and a value of 8 is equal to eight. The value of each face card is equal to 10.

The special role of Ace

Ace of each suit can take either 1 or 11 as per the requirement of the situation.


The game starts on a semi-circular table. All the dealer first keeps their chips as the waging amount. Then the dealer distributes every player two open cards one by one and takes one open card to self.

Now if the sum of the values of your two cards is less than 21, you can ask as many cards by the dealers as you need.

Hit and stand

A player can ask a card from the dealer as many times he needs. For asking any card he needs to say ‘Hit’. But when he is satisfied with the number and sum of his total cards, he can say ‘Stand’ to stop the dealer from giving any more cards to him.

Limitation for dealer

Here,  if the dealer starts taking a card for themself, he needs to take care of his score. When his total score becomes more than seventeen, he needs to stop taking any more cards for himself.

When his score becomes more than 21, he burst and the player wins. When the score of any player becomes more than 21, he gets out of the game.


Above we have discussed just a few basic things about blackjack. It is sufficient to start your game first. With the passage of time and playing more and more, more news tricks and ways you will learn to play and win.

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