The 7 most popular casino games ever

casino games ever

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Are you are gambler of the latest generation who wants to try everything? Do you love playing real money casino games? Ok, how many gambling products have you tried up to now? Is it only poker at pokerace99? Or you have also made it to spin a couple of slots and play some other number games?

If you want to call yourself a real casino pro, it’s a must to have experience in a couple of different games. Diversification in gambling is a great alternative to learn new tricks and to build up an efficient strategy for the specific game you believe you have the best skills and knowledge.

Start with these casino games. Because they are, as a matter of fact, the seven most popular casino games ever. And we believe that all of you should test them one by one.

  1. Blackjack. It’s the card game that everyone knows, but actually not everybody dares to try. We don’t know why, but we suggest it’s because of the fear of counting cards. Counting cards is not, though, difficult and everyone can learn that skill. On the other side, it’s not legal, either, although many people think so.
  2. Lottery. No, it’s not the same to get a lottery ticket from the supermarket and buy a couple of them in your online gambling house. Internet lotteries are actually quite more interesting. Plus – according to the stats they offer bigger chances for a win. And they also have amazing compensation gifts.
  3. Poker. And we mean all poker formats you can think. From Omaha to Texas Hold Em poker is like the king in gambling. Even if you don’t become the best poker player ever, you will definitely benefit from such an experience. Poker opens up your mind and shows you another perspective of what gambling is.
  4. Video poker. It’s essential to know that video poker games have nothing to do with the traditional poker formats. VP products are actually more similar to slots. By the way, we recommend you video poker games exactly because of the comparison between them and slots. The thing is that VP games offer one of the highest RTP ever! It’s usually nearly 98%.
  5. Slots. Speaking of slots, we cannot list them in this chart. Slot games are amazing mostly because they are simple, easy to be found in any online casino and very attractive. You need a very short time to learn the slot terms and conditions, but at the expense of these, you have an averagely high chance for a win.
  6. Roulette. The game brings the authentic casino spirit even in its online format. But the thing is that roulette game has a lot of versions and they are very different. This is why we believe that every gambler can find his or her most favorite roulette game.
  7. Baccarat. It would be a sin not to play James Bond’s most favorite game. Baccarat is also popular for being one of the easiest card games ever. And there are only three types of bets here, so you can use your mathematician skills here.

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